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Adam Ragozzino

Adam researches and writes about electric-vehicle batteries, electric motors, fuel cells and other key components in electrified propulsion systems.

Latest From Adam Ragozzino

What's Next for Electric-Vehicle Battery Technology? (Part 2)

Battery chemistry is advancing rapidly, spurred on by the high cost of raw materials and a coming gap in their supply. But the next big thing in batteries won’t be anything exotic or even that new. It’s a revived failure from the first Nissan Leaf.

Electrification Batteries

Ram Rev 1500, a Cybertruck Killer?

Ram’s new Rev 1500 battery-electric pickup is a head turner. But it underscores just how different Tesla’s anticipated Cybertruck is from the other pickups. And that may not be a good thing.

Electrified Vehicles Electrification

Sigma Powertrain Believes BEVs Are Better With Gears

The Michigan-based startup sees opportunity first with Class 8 trucks, but also expects multispeed transmissions to offer key benefits in light-duty battery-electric-vehicle applications as well.

Electrified Vehicles Transmissions

Semi Makes Battery-Electric Long-Haul Trucks Possible But Not Only Solution

Improvements in electric powertrains and battery technology are making battery-electric long-haul trucks a reality, but cost and weight may not make them the best option yet. Alternatives exist and should be pursued especially in light of potential battery-material shortages.

Electrification Commercial Vehicles

What’s Next for Electric-Vehicle Battery Technology?

Makers of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) face high demand for their cars and therefore the batteries that go with them. The supply of raw materials can’t keep up. Industry executives foretell dire consequences if prices don’t come down. But alternatives to the lithium-ion battery are hard to come by.

Electrification Batteries

Overcapacity in Cathode Production Echoes Steel Industry Woes?

Lithium-iron-phosphate cathode suppliers in China tripled their production capacity in 2022. But neither the supply nor the demand is there to match it. Are batteries headed for the same excess as steel production?

Batteries Market Analysis
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