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Steve Bell

Director, Forecasting & Data Analysis

Arlington Heights, IL

Steve Bell is an accomplished strategy and technology analyst with Informa Tech Automotive Group. His team are focused on the development of the automotive landscape, ecosystem and value chain. His coverage at Wards Intelligence and TU-Automotive focuses on connectivity-based technology transformation (4G, 5G, V2X, Satellite, Mobile Edge computing, AI, IoT, cybersecurity and blockchain) on vehicles, development and production and adjacent areas such as smart cities.

For the last 5 years he was a Senior Analyst with Heavy Reading and focused on IoT in the mobile network domain specifically the growth of 4G and 5G in two verticals; Industrial IoT and connected and autonomous vehicles. For the last 2 years he has also served as analyst in residence at TU-Auto.com providing insight on the future of this emerging industry.

Steve joined Heavy Reading in 2014 after an extensive executive career in industrial applications and then Telecoms with Motorola in Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. He is also an entrepreneur having founded two companies: one an analysis and advisory firm the other a digital city services platform focused on parking.

Steve is a frequent webinar producer and respected and sought after speaker at industry conferences.

Latest From Steve Bell

Automotive Connectivity – Is It Mission Critical And What’s Its Direction?

Connectivity technology underpins the future of the automotive industry. The evolution in vehicle architectures and the move to software defined vehicles depend on connectivity to ensure they are cyber secure and up to date. The rapid evolution of BEVs means the traditional vehicle business model of profit on initial sales is being replaced by lifetime earnings that rely on over the air (OTA) upgrades to enhance the vehicle value to consumers. In this scenario has connectivity become mission critical not only from a vehicle safety perspective but for the OEMs own enterprise viability?

Connectivity technology continuously advances, but what will it be used for and who is influencing its direction and adoption in automotive?

This session will share some preliminary survey results that address these fundamental questions.


V2X: On the Brink of a Tipping Point to Help Cut Road Fatalities

How Commsignia could be poised to take advantage of new Government initiatives.

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Automate 2022 Detroit Focuses on Automotive

Rapidly changing customer demand, unprecedented labor shortages, and international supply chain issues are causing disruption in automotive. Additionally, the rapid developments in robotics, advanced analytics, machine learning and machine vision, as well as AI, are accelerating digital transformation and the shift to smart factories


Connectivity Will Become an Increasing Pain Point for Automakers

As the industry moves to software-defined vehicles there is a requirement for next-generation connectivity to keep vehicles updated and constantly protected against cybersecurity threats.

Connectivity Connected Services and Apps

Why Connectivity Is Driving a Rethink of Industry Fundamentals

Wireless communication is the technology that underpins and enables not only the connected car but also the shared mobility and AV  business opportunity.

Connected Services and Apps Connectivity

Outlook Q1 2022 CES 2022 - Innovation Turbocharging Automotive Industry Change

Beyond the concept cars and the sweeping strategy statements there was a plethora of innovative ideas, new technologies and applications at CES 2022. As standalone concepts they are exciting but, more significantly, they are converging to shape the broader mobility space, including automotive. New players and strategic partnerships are emerging with significant implications for the future structure of the industry and the relevance of existing business models. This session will curate the key announcements and create a framework to help understand the future dynamics of the industry.

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