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Set Alert for Autonomy

Keep on Truckin’: AV Logistics Update

As the hype and investment surrounding autonomous vehicles hit a wall in 2022, a few startups faltered while more established companies developing self-driving trucks for logistics applications keep on truckin’.

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A Better Way to Describe Autonomy?

Mobileye’s proposal for a simplified way to describe a vehicle’s level of autonomy falls short of covering the nuances of current vehicles.  This article explores another approach that would add more precision and give OEMs a new way to market their new ADAS and AV features.

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Einride Targets Middle-Mile Logistics, Expands to U.K.

Despite troubles faced by several AV logistics startups in recent months, Einride continues to make progress: developing an end-to-end solution with self-driving EV trucks, a fleet management platform and charging infrastructure for middle-mile logistics applications that is attracting major clients.

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AutoTech Check: Wards Intelligence Ranks Top 5 ADAS Systems

As ADAS systems become available on more vehicles, OEMs are pushing development to provide the broadest range of features that are reliable and improve safety and convenience.  Wards presents the results from our AutoTech Check ADAS tests over the past year.

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Tough Love: Consumer Reports and Wards Rank OEMs’ ADAS

There’s a new ADAS boss in town. Ford tops Consumer Reports’ ADAS test, replacing General Motors, and pushing Tesla further down the pack. Wards provides a sneak peek of our ADAS ranking report along with important points for OEMs and Tier 1s to consider.

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Ford Forms New Subsidiary, Announces Self-Driving Truck

The race is on.  Ford CEO Jim Farley just declared that you should be able to sleep, make a call or do whatever you want while your truck drives for you.  The company’s new Latitude subsidiary is tasked with making this and other marvels happen.

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General Motors’ Ultra Cruise Sensor Suite, Processor Revealed

Deep dive into General Motors’ Ultra Cruise Level 2+ system which employs long-range cameras, long- and short-range radars, lidars, a driver monitoring system and a powerful compute platform to build a complete picture of the vehicle’s surroundings.

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Interview With May Mobility

May provides insight into their ridesharing operations and plans in a recent email interview.

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The AV Hype Cycle: Is the Thrill Gone?

Where we are on the AV hype cycle, where we are headed as it plays out over time, and a look at market sentiment.

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Autonomous Vehicles Hype Fizzles Out, OEMs Rethink Autonomy Goals

2022 marked a turning point in the autonomous vehicle sector, with the cancellation of major AV projects by Volkswagen and Ford, and the closure of Local Motors, Optimus ride and others. Find out from Glenn Sanders how automakers are responding by switching strategies and diverting resources away from AV development to focus more on improving and expanding the ADAS features that customers are demanding today.

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AutoTech Check: ’23 ID.4 Raises ADAS Standard to New Level

The ’23 Volkswagen electric ID.4 SUV gives the one of the best ADAS performances yet in our test drive, handling every highway curve without disengagement and providing a great overall driving experience.

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San Francisco Hits Brakes on Cruise, Waymo Expansion Plans

San Francisco wants to slow the rollout of Cruise and Waymo robotaxi services due to traffic flow and safety concerns as the two companies compete to expand their service areas.

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First SAE Level 3 Approved in Nevada for Mercedes S-Class and EQS

Mercedes is pushing the autonomy envelope by being the first automaker to receive approval from a U.S. state for a Level 3 feature in the 2024 S-Class and EQS models as Nevada confirms compliance with state regulations.

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