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Set Alert for Autonomy

AV Wars: The Teamsters (and Others) Strike Back

Even as AV truck and robotaxi technology, pilot testing and commercialization move forward, fear and resistance are slowing the advance of these self-driving vehicles.  Consumer sentiment, labor unions and experts are putting on the brakes in an attempt to forestall the inevitable or help ensure this revolution in mobility is done right.

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Ontario Pushes Ahead With Autonomous Vehicles

Ontario has been a leader, launching an Automated Vehicle Pilot Program under its Highway Traffic Act, but some are looking for Canada to take a more united approach to getting AVs on the road.

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Connected Car Report 2023

This comprehensive report looks at the connected car landscape exploring the impact of 5G, new architectures and the ascendancy of eSIMs as the OEM and CSP relationships develop.

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I Can See Clearly Now: Keeping AV Sensors Clean in Inclement Conditions

Cleaning sensors is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it so AV systems can operate safely and reliably in all weather conditions.  This has prompted the development of several creative technologies to keep sensors clean.

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AV OEM Report Card: How Autonomous Vehicle OEMs Stack Up in 2023

See how automakers stack up in 2023 in AV development, technology, partnerships, vertical integration and commercialization efforts.  Learn why the top companies received high grades and why other OEMs need to catch up.

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Imagry’s Self-Learning AI Autonomy Demo Wows

A Wards interview with Imagry reveals an advanced system based on 15 AIs working in conjunction to provide one the best demos of driverless capabilities Wards has seen so far.  Imagry’s agreement with Continental to integrate its autonomous parking software is a big win for the company.

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Robotaxis Invade More Cities

More robotaxis are taking over streets in more cities of the U.S. and elsewhere as local regulators approve permits for self-driving vehicles in expanded areas.  This article provides a brief update on four leading robotaxi companies: Cruise, May, Waymo and Zoox.

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Cooperation Required to Reach Full Autonomy, Industry Insiders Agree

Collaboration is a must among manufacturers, policy makers and others in the automotive ecosystem, attendees of the recent ITS European Congress 2023 agree, if autonomous vehicles are to become ubiquitous.

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A Better Way to Describe Autonomy?

Mobileye’s proposal for a simplified way to describe a vehicle’s level of autonomy falls short of covering the nuances of current vehicles.  This article explores another approach that would add more precision and give OEMs a new way to market their new ADAS and AV features.

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Einride Targets Middle-Mile Logistics, Expands to U.K.

Despite troubles faced by several AV logistics startups in recent months, Einride continues to make progress: developing an end-to-end solution with self-driving EV trucks, a fleet management platform and charging infrastructure for middle-mile logistics applications that is attracting major clients.

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Keep on Truckin’: AV Logistics Update

As the hype and investment surrounding autonomous vehicles hit a wall in 2022, a few startups faltered while more established companies developing self-driving trucks for logistics applications keep on truckin’.

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AutoTech Check: Wards Intelligence Ranks Top 5 ADAS Systems

As ADAS systems become available on more vehicles, OEMs are pushing development to provide the broadest range of features that are reliable and improve safety and convenience.  Wards presents the results from our AutoTech Check ADAS tests over the past year.

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Tough Love: Consumer Reports and Wards Rank OEMs’ ADAS

There’s a new ADAS boss in town. Ford tops Consumer Reports’ ADAS test, replacing General Motors, and pushing Tesla further down the pack. Wards provides a sneak peek of our ADAS ranking report along with important points for OEMs and Tier 1s to consider.

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