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North American Barometer: Will Growth Continue Into 2024?

Production is closing in on pre-pandemic levels and sales mostly have outdone expectations. At the same time, with dealer inventory gradually improving automakers continue to raise retail prices while also allotting more production for less-profitable fleet volume. There remain existing and potential headwinds related to economic factors, geopolitics and the possibility of factory shutdowns as contract talks begin with the two major automotive unions in the U.S. and Canada.

Haig Stoddard will detail the current outlook in North America, with a focus on the U.S., for the rest of 2023 and first half of 2024, highlighting data points to watch that could point toward strength or weakness.

Market Analysis

AutoTech Partnerships and Alliances – Reshaping Automotive

As the dynamics of the industry become ever more turbulent, and the pressure on companies to innovate and transform increases, the nature of relationships is changing. Traditional development processes and supply chains are no longer barriers to entry but in fact competitive weaknesses. New thinking, skill sets, technologies, processes and tools require new partners.

As a result the relationship map is changing rapidly and the shape of the industry and who will emerge as key players is in dynamic flux. Steve Bell will present the development of current relationships, what’s influencing them and future trends.

Connectivity Electrification

The Coming Transformation of Vehicle Cockpits

Vehicle interiors will begin a historic transformation in the next three years. Instrument panels will be dramatically redesigned to keep driver eyes focused on the road and not looking down at center-stack touch screens.

The flat floors of electric vehicle interiors (which do not have intrusive transmission tunnels) will give designers more freedom than ever. New safety regulations will require sophisticated cabin sensors to detect impaired drivers and children left behind in hot cars.

Join Drew Winter to learn more.

Cockpit of the Future

Who is winning the BEV Race?

It’s been two years since Ford went “all in” for electrification. Since then, the legacy automakers have been racing to catch up to BEV heavy-weight Tesla. But Tesla may be more concerned about Chinese BEV makers which have a $10,000 lower cost of production than Western counterparts.

So, who is winning and losing the race to build electric vehicles? What are the various automakers’ strategies and which automakers and regions are best positioned for success? Join Adam Ragozzino to find out.


North America Platform by Plant Production Forecast, 2023-2025

North America light vehicle production forecast by vehicle type and country; by manufacturer, vehicle type, and country; by manufacturer, country, and plant; and by manufacturer, platform, and plant by month for 2023-2025. Includes list of models with their associated platform.

Market Analysis Production Forecast

North America Barometer: Current Trends and the 5-Year Outlook

In this special edition of the North America Barometer, Haig Stoddard will go beyond addressing the region’s short-term projections by also reviewing the 5-year forecasts past 2023 for the market and its top manufacturers. With the industry expected to enter 2024 still reeling from the chaos started in 2020 by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic – and subsequent supply-chain disruptions – the presentation will showcase current major trends as factors to track coming out of 2023, which ultimately will influence sales, production and inventory levels through 2028.

Market Analysis

The Subscription Boom?

Some auto makers are hoping for a windfall from selling services and features on a recurring basis. Are they off-base or right on track? Join Christie Schweinsberg to learn about the move toward subscriptions in the auto industry and hear results from our Digital Economy Survey on what features and services may be the most popular, what ones are non-starters and how much they should cost.

Connected Services and Apps

Automotive Connectivity – Approaching a Pivotal Moment

There is a prevailing assumption that the only use case for 5G is autonomous vehicles (AV) and since this need is moving to 2030 and beyond there is no 5G urgency. This assumption is misplaced. The reality is that the digital transformation that is burning through the industry has made software-defined vehicles (SDV) the use case that desperately needs 4G now and will very quickly demand upgraded 5G capability.

Join Steve Bell as he explores current technology, market data and survey data, as well as with tech trends from Mobile World Congress 2023, and highlights the rapidly approaching pivot point for connectivity in automotive.


North America Barometer: Steady On or More Headwinds?

Haig Stoddard will address how North America’s automakers are reacting to the stresses of economic uncertainty, possible consumer push-back to higher prices, inventory mix and the improving but still problematic supply-chain challenges. While presenting the sales and production outlook, he will go over datapoints and trends to watch that ultimately could determine how strong or weak the market will be for the rest of 2023.

Market Analysis

The Future of Vehicles is Software-Defined. How do we get there?

With the advance of the software-defined vehicle, OEM focus is shifting from the number of vehicles sold to how to continue to monetize them by perpetually improving their features and functions. Nevertheless, despite optimistic views around the new revenue opportunities, the definition of SDV is still elusive, and so is the path to transforming vehicles into software devices. Maite Bezerra will shed light on the concept of SDVs and explore the evolution of vehicle electric/electronic and software architectures, vertical integration, the challenges automakers face in updating their model lineups, and how SDVs will affect the automotive ecosystem.

E/E Architecture Connectivity

Autonomous Vehicles Hype Fizzles Out, OEMs Rethink Autonomy Goals

2022 marked a turning point in the autonomous vehicle sector, with the cancellation of major AV projects by Volkswagen and Ford, and the closure of Local Motors, Optimus ride and others. Find out from Glenn Sanders how automakers are responding by switching strategies and diverting resources away from AV development to focus more on improving and expanding the ADAS features that customers are demanding today.

Autonomy Autonomous Vehicles

Digital Twin and The Industrial Metaverse

Anthony Mukoro, Senior Research Analyst at Omdia, conducted a voice-of-the-customer survey on Digital Twin and the Industrial Metaverse to understand perceptions, drivers of adoption and challenges to investment. These are two of the hottest topics in manufacturing right now, which can transform industries.
In this presentation Anthony will discuss how attitudes in Automotive vary in comparison to other industry sectors, as well as how attitudes vary by region, and spotlight where we are today and the opportunities of tomorrow.


Crystal Ball Gazing: What to Expect in 2023

Dave Zoia, Content Director, Haig Stoddard, Principal Forecaster, Bob Gritzinger, Principal Analyst Advanced Powertrains, Steve Bell, Chief Analyst Connectivity, Drew Winter, Principal Analyst Cockpit of the Future and Christie Schweinsberg, Principal Analyst Sustainability & The Digital Economy, will weigh in on overall market expectations, talk about where things stand with emerging technology and the key megatrends, make a few predictions on what the automotive industry is likely to see in 2023 and answer any questions you have about the year ahead.

Market Analysis Electrification
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The Wards Intelligence Outlook Conference series is a quarterly update on ongoing research and analysis being done by WI analysts, our partners and other industry experts. The series features valuable insights into automotive technology trends, regulations and the short- and long-term outlook for the industry.

Presentations on the Future of Automotive

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