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Set Alert for Propulsion

Renewable Diesel Offers Low-Carbon Lifeline

Cleaning up emissions from heavy-duty trucking could come from renewable fuels made from soy or other feedstock. Some major refineries are coming online in the next two years to fill those fuel tanks with renewable diesel.

Propulsion Commercial Vehicles

Stellantis, LG, Samsung Gigafactories; Tesla Embraces LFP; Supercharger Network to Triple

The European/American automaker announces it will partner with two titans of Li-ion cell-making for batteries for North American-built BEVs.

Electrification Batteries

Hydrogen Developments Speed Toward Still-Distant Fuel-Cell Future

Hydrogen Day (Oct. 8 = 1.008, the atomic weight of hydrogen) always produces news on the fuel-cell vehicle front. But great expectations for a hydrogen-powered future are being tempered by reality.

Electrification Commercial Vehicles

Induction Motors Gaining Traction at GM, BMW

The move to eliminate expensive, rare-earth magnets from automotive traction motors is driving a wave of innovation in induction-motor technology.

Drivetrains Propulsion

GM’s Grewe on Lightweighting BEV Battery Packs, Material Choices

General Motors has big BEV plans, aiming for 1 million sales globally by 2025. Tim Grewe is one of the execs leading the charge, and looking for ways to create stronger, lighter pack designs.

Batteries Electrification

Choosing the Best Path to Zero Emissions

Experts discuss whether limiting tailpipe emissions or mandating ZEV volumes is the most effective way to meet the Biden Admin.’s goal of selling 50% electric vehicles by 2030.

Propulsion Electrification

Global Motor Manufacturer Forecasts Shift Back to Suppliers

Nidec, a global leader in the production of electric motors, is gearing up to produce nearly half of the traction motors automakers will demand for BEVs by 2030. The Japanese supplier predicts most OEMs will switch to supplier-built motors as the electric-vehicle industry matures.

Propulsion Electrification

Platforms and Skateboards: Development Tools Accelerate AV Production

Makers of autonomous vehicles are using development tools from leading providers such as Argo AI, Baidu, NVIDIA and Waymo as well as skateboard platforms from Canoo and Coast Autonomous to speed up production.

Autonomy Platforms

Fuel Economy Index: Fuel Economy Up in June

Gasoline prices are on the rise, and demand for electrified powertrain continued to grow in U.S. market.

Market Analysis Electrified Vehicles

Market Overview: Automakers, Suppliers Face Internal-Combustion Conundrum

Is the ICE age over? Not so fast. Despite the sudden urgency to develop and sell battery-electric vehicles, internal-combustion-engine-powered light vehicles aren’t going away any time soon. During this monumental shift in automotive propulsion, automakers and their suppliers are pulling out the stops to reduce emissions and squeeze ever more efficiency out of ICEs as the century-old technology evolves in the age of electrification.

Propulsion Electrification

BEV Investment and Supply Outstrips Forecast Demand in 2025, 2030

Wards Intelligence/LMC Automotive forecasts concur with global consultants AlixPartners that BEVs will claim about a quarter of the global light-vehicle market in 2030, far short of industry expectations.

Propulsion Electrification

Battery-Electric Vehicles to Lead on 5G Deployment

The adoption of new ADAS – and ultimately fully autonomous – features is requiring faster communication between sensors, GPS and the cloud, driving automakers toward 5G communication. Upcoming BEVs, many incorporating all-new software-defined electronics architectures, are at the forefront of the transition.

Connectivity Electrified Vehicles

Maverick Pickup Launches With Ford’s First In-House Motor

Ford takes the next step toward electrification by building its electric motors in-house. The automaker says its Van Dyke Electric Powertrain Center will produce an electric motor every 75 seconds starting this summer.

Propulsion Electrification
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