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Set Alert for Propulsion

What's Next for Electric-Vehicle Battery Technology? (Part 2)

Battery chemistry is advancing rapidly, spurred on by the high cost of raw materials and a coming gap in their supply. But the next big thing in batteries won’t be anything exotic or even that new. It’s a revived failure from the first Nissan Leaf.

Electrification Batteries Market Analysis

Lightning eMotors’ Reeser on Commercial EVs, Batteries, and Supply Chains

An interview with Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning eMotors. He talks about batteries, China’s COVID lockdown’s effect on supply chains and grid readiness for commercial vehicle charging.

Commercial Vehicles Electrification

Why Sony Honda Car Is One to Watch

Sony’s CES 2023 presentation hammers home this point: Afeela isn’t so much about selling cars as it is about offering consumers another space in which to play Sony’s video games and watch its movies.

Cockpit of the Future Connected Services and Apps

Building A Better Battery: The Race is On

Bob Galyen, currently chairman emeritus of NAATBatt, the largest battery industry association in the U.S.,and chairman of the SAE’s international battery standards steering committee, discusses the future of battery-electric vehicles and batteries.

Electrification Propulsion

Ram Rev 1500, a Cybertruck Killer?

Ram’s new Rev 1500 battery-electric pickup is a head turner. But it underscores just how different Tesla’s anticipated Cybertruck is from the other pickups. And that may not be a good thing.

Electrified Vehicles Electrification

Sigma Powertrain Believes BEVs Are Better With Gears

The Michigan-based startup sees opportunity first with Class 8 trucks, but also expects multispeed transmissions to offer key benefits in light-duty battery-electric-vehicle applications as well.

Electrified Vehicles Transmissions

Semi Makes Battery-Electric Long-Haul Trucks Possible But Not Only Solution

Improvements in electric powertrains and battery technology are making battery-electric long-haul trucks a reality, but cost and weight may not make them the best option yet. Alternatives exist and should be pursued especially in light of potential battery-material shortages.

Electrification Commercial Vehicles

Propulsion Wars: Internal-Combustion vs. Electrification and the Battle for Powertrain Supremacy

Wards Editor-in-Chief Bob Gritzinger breaks down the attributes of nominees and winners in the 2022 Wards 10 Best Engines & Propulsion Systems competition, with a look at how the 28th annual review reflects broader trends in automotive powertrain development. Electrification is on the rise, but engineers also are focused on wringing the last bits of performance and efficiency from internal-combustion engines.


OEMs, Suppliers Voice Concerns About Inflation Reduction Act

Regulations in the Inflation Reduction Act have caused a hot debate among OEMs and suppliers around the globe, either excited by the benefits, or complaining about the requirements.  The fact that nearly all AVs will be EVs makes this debate of vital importance to tax credits that could help stimulate AV growth in the U.S. market.

Mobility Autonomy

Battery Manufacturers and Battery Technology Tracker

This tracker covers the top battery manufacturers and which OEMs they supply, global capacity for top Li-Ion gigafactories, battery chemistry, as well as GWh demand by company based on U.S. BEV sales. 

Batteries Electrified Vehicles

General Motors’ Quiet Solid-State Battery Debut

General Motors may replace the lead-acid starter battery in its internal-combustion-engine vehicles with a solid-state lithium-ion battery by early 2030s.

Electrification Batteries

Tula Technology Ahead of the e-Motor Curve

Tula Technology unveils its latest innovation, Dynamic Motor Drive (DMD). The software is used to pulse electric motors in a way that improves efficiency 3%, according to the company.

Electrification Motors

Structural Supercapacitors Could Supercharge Future BEVs

A European project for structural supercapacitors could mean future EVs will share the same technology that aids today’s supercar performance.

Electrified Vehicles Propulsion
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